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The Florida Family Law Reform Video Library contains informational videos and Family Law Abuse Stories from  Floridians across the state.  These videos highlight the need for reform and stories are payers, family members, and even fiance's who cant get married because of the outdated Family Laws.  

Florida Family Law Abuse Stories -  Read through the FFLRP Database of abuse stories that our membership has provided.  Learn that you are not the only one to suffer at the hands of these outdated laws, and that there are systemic abuse patterns intrinsic to the Florida Family Laws and Court system.  Please feel free to submit your stories at "My Family Law Abuse Story"

Florida Family Law Reform PAC Video Library

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Florida Family Law Reform PAC (FFLRP) Newsletters


Here is a list of the past FFLRP newsletters so you can look back and find many of the interesting articles that FFLRP has published.  The links are prefixed with the publish date in "YYMMDD" format. 

2019 Florida Alimony Reform Bill

The 2019 Florida Alimony Reform Bill (SB1596 HB1325) Final Draft prior to strike all filing to subcommittee 190319.

2013 Florida Alimony Reform Bill (Vetoed)