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"Life Sentence - Florida's Alimony Problem" produced by 12 time Emmy Award winning investigative reporter Mike Deeson.  (here's a quick link to a two minute trailer of this documentary)

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Who We Are


 We are an independent all-volunteer group of experienced Family Law Reform veterans. 

Our Mission


We will support candidates who will help bring Family Law Reforms to Florida in 2019 under our new Governor, Ron DeSantis.

How You Can Help


Contact us with your stories, sign up for our newsletter, volunteer with our regional chapters, and contribute to our efforts to support our cause! 

Why Women Should Support Alimony Reform

The past several decades have seen several notable changes in women's labor force demographics compared to men's. 

These include:

  • Rising labor force participation
  • Employment growth in higher-paying occupations
  • Earnings increase trends year over year
  • Increased graduation rates (over men) in all areas

Various indicators (economic, education, and census) confirm that women are becoming larger earners and breadwinners in American Society. These trends will elevate women financially, educationally, and social-economically.

These trends will also subject women (as a gender group) to the same abusive family laws that men has suffered under for years. Many women, women's groups and large organizations may not be aware of these key demographic trends underway or how these trends will increasingly affect women in adverse ways.